• Our aim is to provide a strategic consultancy service which is fast, complete, and customised to meet our clients’ different requirements.

    International Consulting, in close liaison with the owners and management of the company, deals with the various aspects connected with proposed feasibility studies, creation of new projects and supervision of those already in progress.

    International Consulting is connected to a number of international databases which enable it, while using its own independent operating systems, to exchange information and call on a group of experts and professionals coordinated by a supervisor employed by the company. This approach produces a high-quality service and greater flexibility which, together with the possibility of information exchange, enables the analysis and consultancy activities to be optimised.

    Subjects relating to mergers, acquisitions and decentralisation to foreign countries are conducted with a modular approach, using the most sophisticated problem-solving strategies and techniques applied to the various subjects that a company has to deal with on a continually changing market. Whatever the problem to be dealt with, the significant factors and reference elements are thoroughly analysed and the possible solutions are reviewed, evaluated and put into practice in an action plan that solves the problem, implementing a resolution plan that is constantly monitored until completion, and finally evaluating its global performance to ensure that it fully meets the client’s requirements and expectations.

    On the basis of 25 years’ experience in this field, we prefer the modular problem-solving system to other more global approaches and those of the Anglo-American school.

  • The services offered cover all issues relating to enterprise management and consultancy, and are based on specialist approaches with the support of an international networking structure.

    International Consulting in the performance of its strategic consultancy activities, also evaluates aspects which, if neglected or underestimated, can adversely affect the success of a project with an extremely sound basis, such as the country risk, social tensions, financial soundness, critical political factors and conflict between different ethnic and/or religious groups.

    Intensification of national and international cooperation has led to the development of new and ever more complex legal and commercial situations and increasingly complex local scenarios; however, companies do not always have an officer who can be contacted confidentially about actions or activities to be conducted in full compliance with the legislation of the territory or country in question – activities such as drafting agreements, filing patents and trademarks, sales and purchases, joint ventures, etc..

    As a result of many years’ experience in the industry and operational contacts with lawyers, advisors and consultancy firms in 65 countries, we are in a position to respond clearly and exhaustively to all questions and to manage and coordinate every project, all over Europe and on the major non-European markets, especially in the Russian/Pan-Slavic and Middle Eastern areas, with accurate, timely information and assistance.

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